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Nipper Kipper Smoker Ovens

The greatest asset the Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven has is that it is so easy to use.
A delicious meal can be created in simply minutes using this smoker oven.

The smoker oven is a fat free way of cooking.

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Smoked Honey Prawns Pork Sausages
Smoked Salmon with Lemon Mayonnaise Apple Wine Jerky
Spice up your Salmon Smoked Sausages
Queenslanders' Grilled Whiting


Hot Smoked trout
Smoked Fish
Smoked Oysters in the Shell Marinated Chicken Wings
Tasty Shell Fish Smoked Chicken
Fish Parcel Smoked Chicken Drumsticks
Poached Fish


Kippered Wongs - Pipis (Ugari)
  Smoked Almonds
  Universal Brine Mixture

It is a simple concept really; any excess oils literally fall straight off the food.

It is possible to create fat free mouth-watering dishes that will tantalize even the fussiest of taste buds

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