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Effective 18 January, 2007
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Manufactured from a high quality restaurant grade stainless the Stainless Steel Kipper smoker oven is the strongest of the range. Higher tolerance to corrosion than any in the range, The stainless steel smoker oven is very practical for coastal areas. The accompanying kit allows for instant smoking.

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Quality Assurance has always been a big factor whilst the business has grown.

To ensure quality is maintained every Nipper Kipper product is hand made to exact Standards.

This ensures quality and shows pride. A product manufactured locally that has survived in excess of thirty years is proof that it not only works but is built to withstand rugged Australian conditions.

With the smoker oven measuring in at 34cm x 24cm x 22cm it is extremely portable. Engineered as a lightweight portable product the kipper oven is great for the barbeque down the street or for the secluded weekend away.

Perfect for any occasion the Nipper Kipper smoker oven is ideal for any person who loves healthy, quick hassle free meals.

Hand made of Australian BHP iron the galvanized kipper smoker oven proves itself as the most cost effective of the range. Included in the kit is the Metho stove, two wire grates and a packet of Bushman's Blend Smoker Dust. This is the base package of the kipper smoker oven range and is set-up to start your smoked foods straight away Dependant on use and care taken the galvanised iron smoker oven has been known to last well in excess of 6 years.

AUD$49.95 excl Freight*

**Shown with Optional Smoker Oven Stand

The sturdy Galvanised Construction of this model is complemented by the strength of a stainless steel centre. This model is designed for heavy duty use, durability and affordability make this model both a popular choice and good investment.

AUD$65.95 excl Freight*

**Shown with Optional Smoker Oven Stand


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This exciting new version of our popular smoker oven has already attracted positive responses from all who have bought them.

Read more about this exciting new product

AUD$75.95 excl Freight*

This allows you to kipper on just about any surface. The kipper stand is a great accessory for any purchaser the nipper kipper smoker oven. Having a large surface area the stand does not conduct heat well, which means that it does not transfer it heat to the surface on which it is placed. The smoker oven stand is a must for anyone who wishes to kipper on sensitive surfaces.

AUD$13.50 excl Freight*

The metho stove is the most established product of the range. Believed to have been manufactured in the early thirties the metho stove is a proven winner. Lightweight and cost effective to run the metho stove is a smart purchase for anyone who has a thirst for the outdoors life. The metho stove can be used as your conventional cook top. Simple to use.

AUD$10.95 excl Freight*

NK Bushman's Blend smoke dust is blended from a mix of fine Native Australian wood. This secret Blend has proven itself popular around the country and overseas. Many different smoker dusts have been trialed but the Nipper Kipper dust is the most popular. For more information on how to prolong the life of your product visit the hints page.

AUD$7.95 excl Freight*

The Nipper Kipper Imported American Hickory is the latest flavour in the Nipper Kipper Range. American Hickory is the most popular and sought after of all smoking dust worldwide due to the old fashioned American lightly smoked flavour produced. Nipper Kipper Industries is proud to offer such a product to consumers both locally and overseas. Contains aprox 30 Cooking Amounts. For more information on how to prolong the life of your product visit the hints page.

AUD$16.30 excl Freight*

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