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The Fold-a-way Smoker Oven!

New Product - Fold a way smoker oven

What do you give the person who has everything?

If they are a bit of a gourmet and want to savour some of the most mouth watering flavours to ever tempt their palette, the choice is easy!

You can't go past a Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven.


Manufactured In Hervey Bay since 1968 the Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven has been a hit in the local area. Featured on national television programs and in magazine articles the horizons of the product have expanded.

This includes overseas buyers of the product. Quality products along with cost effectiveness have proven that a 100% Australian owned and Manufactured Product can be produced.

With the Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven measuring in at 34cm x 24cm x 22cm it is extremely portable. Engineered as a lightweight portable product, the Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven is great for the barbeque down the street or for the secluded weekend away.

Perfect for any occasion, the Nipper Kipper Smoker Oven is ideal for any person who loves healthy, quick hassle free meals.

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New Product - Fold a way smoker oven

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